Monday, 16 November 2009

Edward Scissorhands

Today we watched Edward Scissorhands. I enjoyed the film.

I thought that the small American town looked very toy like.
A complete extreme opposite to the spooky house where Edward lived. The town was very basic, samey and standard as opposed to the spooky house which had interesting architecture with little intricate details apart from the fact that it was in ruins.

I think that Peg had good intension's in bringing Edward to the rest of the town but was bound for disaster, or else there wouldn't be a film. I knew from nearly the beginning that someone was going to accidentally get stabbed by scissors. I think the film had a good ending, I couldn't imagine a happy ever after ending but the fact that the bad guy dies instead of Edward makes it happy enough for it to not be a sad ending.

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  1. hey Ethan - how about some visuals to support your analysis of the toy-like town and gothic castle? It's an arts and design degree remember - more visual content please!