Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tuesdays Life Drawing and Todays Work

Here are last Tuesday’s life drawings.

I think it has come out well. One problem with it is that it is too wide. Just a little though.

This one I do not like as much. I didn’t like using the process of measuring in heads either as the legs kept looking too short, but again that was due to it being slightly too wide again. We were told to measure vertically and I completely forgot about measuring horizontal. It required a lot of tweaking but I never actually finished it. I found this much more of a chore to do and it hasn’t even come out as well as the first.

Today, I’ve been working entirely on the portraiture essay. I am now concentrating on portraits that neither communicate, nor hide identity. So far I have done an introduction. (Still subject to tweaking) and have started to look at the removal of individuality from portraits. I’ve also looked at another artist. Cindy Sherman.

I’ve also touched upon some id
eas for my self portrait and have just been experimenting with the help of Photoshop. (These are just tests.) If you’ve read the previous post, the latter of the two images is loosely based on the idea of towers. Even though there are no actual towers in the picture. Hopefully more images to come soon.

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  1. Dear Ethan! Hurrah!!!! It's great to see these preparatory portraits; the first image - that fractured distortion - plus the strong, almost confrontational eye-contact - very direct and very clear; you see, here, you're using fracturing as a metaphor for your struggle to bring the pieces of your personality together - to give yourself a sense of wholeness; I really like this direction and I admire you too for putting your ideas 'out there' - even though it makes you uneasy to do so... Just trust me, Ethan - your experience of the course and your own creativity will be enrich if you continue to participate in this way. I'm looking forward to seeing how you refine and develop these ideas of yours. Onwards and upwards, Ethan - onwards and upwards! :-)