Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Maya Tutorials - Lighting and Animation

Here are the latest outcomes following the six tutorials given.

The first four tu
torials are lighting/Rendering tasks. None of this was modeled by me and I was following the tutorials on lighting word for word. So I am only following instructions.

The first two are examples of 1 point lighting.

This is an example of 2 point lighting.

This is an example of 3 point lighting.

The next set of images are the same scene but rendered with different styles of lighting.

Early Morning

Mid Day

Night Time

Horror Style

Sci Fi Style

Fire Lighting

The last two tutorials were on basic animation.

The first video is of a Rocket flying past the moon.

Video here

This tutorial was the quickest to do. All the hard work had been done already. all that was needed was to attach the rocket to a motion path. (a curve was provided). And there was just a few bits to tweek but that was it.

This is of a Toy Robot Walking, complete with arm and head movements etc.

Video Here

This took slightly longer to animate but was simple still. The bit at the end was just an added extra by me and also the flashing lights too. It took ages to render. (trust me to max out the settings on the shadows for the sake of an eight second animation.)

These tutorials took the best part of an entire day to complete, Thinking that i would wiz through these. Whereas before i was just modeling what we had be asked to model and wasn't following the instructions word for word, it actually took longer this time because I was reading the tutorials bit by bit.

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