Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Films and Documentaries

The Elephant man

I thought it was a good film. I didn't actually realize that at the end he died. so knowing that, i think it was a happy ending as he finished his life happy. It did have some sad moments, like whe
n he was treated like a circus animal. i was actually very happy when he said near the end that he was not an animal but was a human with feelings just like everyone else. I thought the makeup was fantastic. particularly well in black and white. I think colour would have made it less realistic. The fakeness would show more. Using black and white also added a spooky atmosphere. The film shows that people judge other people initially by their faces. In the case of the elephant man, they were so shocked at the way he looked that they don't get a chance to know him.

The Face Transplant Documentary

The documentary was about a woman that had here face ripped of by her dog. She has another persons dead face transplanted on to her (whats left of) face.
I don't think that it is wrong to have a face transplant because its not going to look exactly like the dead persons fac
e and if someone wants to donate then thats fine. This is a before/after picture. the new face is very similar to the original as it has molded to the shape of the bone structure.

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