Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Major Project - Who's the Real Saint ?

I've continued to develop the shape of my character, understanding what he looks like from all angles… or at least the face anyway.

Out of the two fully clothed drawings I prefer the face on the left and the clothes on the right.

What I want to do is figure out the right body shape under the clothes so that he looks correct, and the clothes over the top look correct and maintain a good silhouette throughout, so here are my first sketches on that.

The main thing I wanted to decide upon was whether his legs should be chunky or thin with knobbly knees! I'm thinking the latter suits the rest of his shape better.
I'm also liking how his body shape is similar to his head, and then with the clothes on how the cone shape created makes his bald head prominent.

The search still continues as I keep refining the design.

Meanwhile I have actually spent more time this week figuring out how the story is going to work, but more on that in the next post once I've finished storyboarding the latest idea.

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