Monday, 13 February 2012

The Major Project - More Progress

Here is my progress so far.

These were some of my initial monk sketches...

… and these were my last few attempts of the monk design shown in the last post, although I still prefer the original. Since then, as you will see further down this post, I have drawn him many more times in the story boards.

I've never drawn kittens before, and finding out what makes a kitten look cute is difficult. I'm sure I'll get something that works well eventually!

To find out how to draw kittens I started by looking at the book - Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair, which served as a starting point. These were the first three drawings I copied from the book.

I tried slightly altering the pose above in this drawing.

From that, in no particular order, I drew these. Some are quite bad and lack detail, but it seems that whenever I draw more lines they look more like cats rather than kittens. There's a few there I like the look of though.

I really like this drawing in the bottom left corner, only he looks more like a cat than a kitten… Maybe save for another adventure.

I have also gathered some photos of kittens for further reference (which some of the above were based on) and even a few videos from Youtube, which will probably be of more use later on.

Lastly, I have started doing some story boards. They probably won't make much sense at the moment though because they are not complete. I'm just testing ideas currently.

I will continue to refine my designs and get more boards done.

A Flock of Pixels

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