Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Major Project - Animatic 0.1

This is the very first edit of the animatic, but I haven't yet committed to any sound, or rather the sound effects. The music has me stumped at the moment, but I will endeavour to find something that will fit. In the meantime you can view the animatic without sound. Hopefully the next item in the post more than makes up for that!

Yes, I've done some digital painting. Most of my own projects have lacked a colourful preproduction stage, however after learning a few simple painting techniques I've had a go at colouring my monk character.

I did the large face first, then the other. Somehow or other the second one came out really tanned! These were both done straight in Photoshop.

I then took the very first sketch of the monk I did and had a go at colouring him properly. The background is kind of how I imagine the world to look like. Its not simply a white space as it has some colour and atmosphere.

Well there you go. Expect to see a few more drawings and paintings soon as I finish refining my characters.

A Flock of Pixels.


  1. Hey Ethan - well, the good news is that your animatic works well without the sound, but I think you need a bit of repetition in your opening scene - I think we need to see the process of returning the stuff 3 times before he takes the break (and before the cat arrives). Obviously, you can vary how this is done, but you need to better initiate your audience into the way it's done, and also the routine of Satin Anthony - and also how tidy he likes things to be. Have you considered giving your monk a little bit of hair - Friar Tuck-ish?