Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Transcription - Ghosts

For my project I needed a ghost. So I created one.

It consists of a piece of cloth with some eye holes cut out, over the top of a pillow!
Pretty scary huh?

Well maybe not, but it was a good excuse to do a cloth sim!

So in two ghost Train scenes I needed the pillow to be covered with a sheet that would be pulled away by the bear. (Still haven't thought of a name yet)

This is what I have come up with.
I created a flat plane, and nClothed it. After letting it drape over the pillow, I then set the deformed mesh to be the default position. I then created a constraint that is animated to pull the cloth off the pillow. From here I did a few tests.

The first test I did (after some tweaking of settings) I got pretty good results, but wanted the sheet to be pulled off quicker.

I moved the ground plane further back so it didn't fall out of the scene and made the constraint pull quicker. Sadly though, a little to quick and due to the plane being CG smooth the cloth slid right off anyway!

One final test and I got something that I was totally happy with!

If anyone is wondering how animation is going, it's going fine. Some scenes are better than others. So far I have three favourites. The rest have far more room for improvement, and depending on what time I have left, depends on how well they look in the end.

Here are a few screen shots, from some of the scenes. (not necessarily final render)

Notice the fur looks a bit different after the splash. I animated some of the fur attributes.

A Flock of Pixels

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  1. good stuff, Ethan! looking forward to seeing some moving pictures!