Monday, 1 November 2010

Film Review - Funny Games US

Well I didn't enjoy it! Not just because I didn't enjoy it but also because we were told that if we did, we wouldn't get it!

Funny Games US was made in 2007 and is a remake, or more accurately a complete reconstruction of the original made in 1997. Both directed by Michael Haneke.
The original was in German, but it was thought that it would appeal to a wider audience in America. This was done by moving the location to America and changing the language to English.

In all films we expect the good guys to win in the end. It's something we want to expect in a film, but it's also rather unoriginal. Surely the bad guys have to win some time. Even if it involves cheating. Like pressing the rewind button, but since when have the bad guys ever played by the rules. That's another particular aspect of the film, that is warped in their favor.

A review at by Ambrose Heron said
"A lot of the discussion about it – both positive and negative – appears to be based around the idea that it toys with how an audience views violence on screen."

There are probably plenty of other films that are visually more violent, but it is shown in such a blunt way that it seems worse. It highlights how audiences have become desensitised by such viewing.

A part of this is achieved is by keeping the camera still with long continuous shots, answering back at the audience and including no background music. (The kind that is used to create atmosphere and emotion). Some common characteristics of a play.(except the music part!) It doesn't use any cinematic techniques to glamorise the picture and presents the facts as if it's all part of everyday life.


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