Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Film Review - House of Wax (1953)

We watched the House of wax. Continuing with the Narrative film series. this time we're heading into horror. It was made in 1953 and directed by André De Toth.

The story begins with a sculptor with his collection of wax figures which were on display in his little museum. His business partner was threatening to destroy all the sculptures to claim back the insurance. He ended up burning the house of wax models, presumably with the sculptor burning along with the rest and got a lot of money out of it. Later on, a series of dead bodies were going missing and several more were killed completely for the purpose of turning them into wax models. The sculptor is not all that he seems.

It was originally screened in 3D and featured several 3D gimmicks. Like the guy at the entrance of the house of wax, attracting attention with his Paddle Ball. Aiming it at the camera to increase the 3D effect. It was completely unnecessary for the story of the film, but was put in, only for it's effect of jumping out of the screen. It is also worth noting that the director only had one eye, and could therefore only see in 2 dimensions!

The film was later spoofed in Carry On Screaming. Of which I have seen.

I enjoyed The House of Wax a lot actually because it was it was reasonably fast paced, considering it's age. I think Vincent Price was a perfect choice for the part of the sculptor. His voice is so distinctive and kind of creepy!

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  1. I am looking forward to your review on 'Adaptation'! :)