Monday, 4 October 2010

Narrative - Some Astronaut Concepts

These are my first astronaut concepts. I specifically want them to look creepy, which isn't actually that difficult. Assuming the visor is highly reflective and the face cannot be seen, astronauts already have this creepiness built in. It's just so blank. Of course the twist is with these astronauts is that they don't have a face to look at even when the visor is lifted.

I was already happy with this first concept, but coming up with as many variations as possible is necessary to make a good judgment.

I think its worth noting at this point that I also looked at the older style Cybermen from Doctor Who. The originals had less armor and were more like space suits. Since they're quite scary, I thought it would help to see them.

Now you've got to agree. That's creepy right?

Not that I was really focusing on the faces. I wasn't. Anyway, back to concepts.

I started to play around with pipes, joining things together. I also started to try a side view, but I think that needs more work and practice.

The design on the left, I'm particularly happy with. Using square shapes seems to add a bit of more menace to it. The right one looks alright, but it somehow looks comical. Maybe the helmet's too large. It was my first attempt at drawing at a slight angle, instead of face on.

This design was drawn a day later. The one major difference is the extra armor plates around the lower arms and legs. Sort of in this pointy rocket shape. Again, another side view attempt. Not as good as the first attempt. Looks as if he's leaning backwards.

OK. This isn't an astronaut, but I was experimenting with shapes and created some sort of tank.

You've probably noticed a random sketch of a hair dryer attached to a box with a dial. That's the Refraction Anomaly Detector!

Actually it might be worth looking at old underwater diving suits, as they bear a similar shape.

More to Come.

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