Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Character Design - Week 3

So this time round we went trough the construction of characters and also outlined the main differences between male a female characters.

The first task we were each given a picture of a character. Mine was Danger Mouse. We had to figure out the construction and then draw it. So this meant drawing a spine, an upper and lower circle for the body, some circles for the head and lines and circles joining the arms.

So the first few incomplete sketches were my first attempts. The one with the eye patch is the final one.

The next task was to create a female version of the character. That happens to be left of the main character in the sketch above.

I got most of it right, but it was one of the more simpler characters.

So I was given another. Hercules.
He was difficult to copy as it is, let alone drawing a female version.

The blue is the real Hercules. I'd like to think that the red one was my attempt at the female version, but no, my terrible excuse for an attempt is on the end.

That was drawn before the one in red.

While I was waiting for the next task I drew this character. Just as an extra.

That's Whatshisname from Mulan.

So the next task was to draw one of these characters from side on. Guide lines were drawn based on the front view, to get the height and proportions the same.

The blue one's my drawing. Things that were pointed out were that the body was too straight. Looking at the original sketch of Danger Mouse, his body is more bean shaped. The head I drew was also squashed.

I quite happy with this next drawing. Jafar.

The final drawing is of Stitch. Although I like the drawing I copied, my side attempt didn't work out to well.

The next thing we have to do is use these techniques to our own characters.

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