Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Animatic

(EDIT: I've already relised one slight error in the animatic. I'll leave this one here for now, but I will change it. Just give me a minute or two... Why is it always the way. You watch it over and over again and don't see anything wrong with it. Then just after you post it, you see the error.)

I spent the day working on an animatic. Which involved saving out all the boards as seperate images, then editing them together.
After the basic cut was in place I then added a bit of basic animation to it, just to improve on the overall effect. And here it is.

No aditional sound effects have been used, although I have been wondering whether I should. Not that it's important right know.

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    I love all the details - the use of the fish to introduce the main action - the way it reoccurs later, and your sensitivity for the relationship between the sfx and the cuts is clear... Really looking forward to seeing this develop - now, about the issue of the art direction and style? BE BOLD!!! And think about it, less as a film, and more as a piece of knock-out theatre! Great stuff, Ethan - more and more, I'm convinced of your strengths in terms of story-telling...