Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Animatic 2

Thanks Phil. Even though I sometimes get a bit frustrated with drawing every now a then, I do enjoy the story boarding and editing process. I certainly feel more confident in all these areas, than a year ago.

Anyway. Like I said earlier, I did have one slight adjustment to make.

I remembered something which I was going to do. The first big splash goes boom... tssss.... And the edits are cut right on the sounds. There is already a lot of that going on in the film as it is. So instead what I've done now is brought the frame with the captain, in a bit sooner (before the tssss...) and added the lightning flashes on the tsss...
This was something that I was going to do anyway, and fogot.

So does anyone think that it works better than the original animatic? Either way, the difference is so minnimal, that it doesn't stop me from continuing. It can be decided later.

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