Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More Ideas

Even though I wanted to set my animation in a forest, I have been thinking that I don't want to create convincing realistic trees in my animation purely because they are not the main focus of the animation and to spend time on them would be time wasted. I do still need to set it in a forest though to give my slime mold a sense of scale. so after speaking to Phil I have decided upon starting the animation in a 2D 'boring' science diagram style!

Here I have slightly modified some earlier storyboards. The changes are at the beginning and end.

It starts by panning in on this storyboard sequence that's on paper/book of the life cycle of a slime mold.

The camera gets closer to the first panel which shows the forest. The camera goes right through it. At this point it is semi 3D. Flat images of simple diagram trees flying past the camera.

These two images are not part of the storyboard, but just to help explain things.

The camera quickly goes up and plummets down into the twig. As the camera comes back down the floor around the twig is is better detail. This is the transition from '2 and a half D' to Complete 3D.

The individual cells come together to form a steep towering mountain. nucleus's inside are spinning like a twister.

The rest of the story board plays out the same as before. except for the ending.

The camera fly's through the fruiting bodies (same as the trees at the beginning), and focuses on the one at the end. The tip rips apart and the spores are released into the air. Camera follows the spores before changing focus onto the 2D trees and panning out of the storyboard/diagram.

The End.

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