Friday, 28 May 2010

The making of the Life Cycle of a Slime Mold

First, here is the final animation.

Well... The final animation recieved positive results. As with a lot of the other animations, there were a few small problems that could... or can easily be fixed. The Life Cycle of a Slime Mold was commented as a project in control... Unfortunately, The Making of The Life Cycle of a Slime Mold was in fact, done last minute! It would have been nice to spend a bit more time on it. Perhaps some small pockets of text to acompany the images. But at two oclock in the morning, I was struggling to even drag the images on the canvas! Still I think the DVD cover came out well.

I'd like to think this is the end of the project, but I still have to finish the maya tasks, which have slowly mounted up. I also need to blog the after effects tasks and the last few life drawings.

1 comment:

  1. WoW Ethan you have done an excellent job. I genuinely liked your animation and loved that cartoon theme that you applied with it. Great work dude. Keep it up ^_^