Sunday, 30 May 2010

After Effects

So here are two of the things we ccreated in after effects.

This was done only using a set of 2D cloud images, placed in 3D space, in after effects. Thier blending modes were adjusted as well to create something that looked like the clouds were drifting past. The text was generated etirely in after effects.

The 3D footage was provided. All the 3D objects; the body the tubes the green slimey stuff and the arrows were rendered out separately. The task was to composite these 3D elements together, but to also experiment with some of the other effects in the list.

There were some other things done but were never rendered out. One of the other tasks was to give the animatic a bit more animation. Unfortunately I don't have CS4. My CS3 copy couldn't open them. Even though I had prior knoledge on after effects before these classes, I can say that new stuff was learnt. The 3D stuff, and one very usefull utility in the effects list: the channel combiner. Which basicaly allowed me to geive the alpha channel from one render pass to another. Although by the looks of things, it can also use the other channels.

All usefull stuff. I will probably be posting the last of the life drawing next.

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