Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Walk Cycles Galore

I Know that this is the second hand drawn walk cycle I've posted but this was actually my first walk cycle. The generic one.

Its a bit jerky, particularly the arms, but not bad for the first one.

Now for the slightly more interesting ones.

After having done two walk cycles, I was initially a bit lost on how to approach animating my standard lamp walk/jump/hop. After drawing the standard lamp with a bent leg, I could see that that is a definite NO0O0o0o.

It looks silly. I made the decision that it would only bend by the ankles and feet.

So what I've done is kept the body upright with very little bend. And kept the feet doing all the hopping.

This was my first test animation of my aristocratic standard lamp, hopping across the page.

For the first attempt, I think I got the motion right and smooth. Although there is inconsistency in the size of the body. I've drawn him way to thin on some frames.

With those mistakes in mind I done it again and produced this result.

You notice that I've also got the wire flapping about. That looks fine. The body is the right shape as well, although the motion looks jerkier than the first attempt. It may just be a matter of either adjusting the middle frames (when he jumps up) or adding a couple pf extra frames in between the gaps (so long as the timing is not affected much).

Now all I need to do is create a hop cycle that has smooth motion and retains its volume. And then I'm about 1% of the way to a full animation :)

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  1. Haha...

    The secondary movement on the wire is brilliant - really sells it! You should move heaven and hell to make this 1 minute animation happen, Ethan - with a short break for the new Doctor Who, of course!