Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Pixars Up (2009)

Up (2009), like all other Pixar films was a joy to watch. This was my second viewing of the film, the first being at the cinema. It was a story about an old man who lives alone but can't let go of the past with loss of his wife. He is thinking about the adventure that he promised to take her on but never went on. Refusing to be moved out of his house by property developers to go into a retirement home, he decides to go on an adventure. His goal being to move his house via helium filled balloons to south America which is America but... south.
Outside the house while in the air, he finds a kid clinging on for dear life who is training to be a senior wildness explorer.

His goal being to assist the elderly. I've given away too much of the film already but lets say they go on an adventure, meeting rare wild birds, talking dogs and there is of course a villain.

With Pixar films you always expect a great story. (You should expect that from all films really) It's one of many of their strengths (the other being the CGI and Animation), their stories always introduce the necessary characters with the necessary plot starters in the beginning, only to all be wrapped up and concluded (with a few plot twist on the way)
When it comes to CGI, they clearly put so much detail into the sets and the animation. Does anyone else think that the characters look like they are carved out of skin coloured cheese?

(What on earth is Ethan talking about?)

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