Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Life Drawing

I apologise for the quality (or lack of) of the images. There is only so much Photoshop can do. I think I will re take these images during the day as the artificial lighting doesn't help. In the mean time these will have to do.

This was the first image. Three poses; the largest drawing was the first. I forgot that we were drawing three on a page.

The next drawing I think was the most successful. Its also the worst quality photograph. Where I had pressed so hard on the page to back the black areas as black as possible, the light reflected on the picture making it white, but I did fix that to some extent by painting over it in Photoshop.

The last picture I think is also good, but has a slightly rushed feel to it. The feet are too small as well but, the rest has come out quite good.


  1. Hi Ethan,

    I really like the centre drawing in the top drawing - of the model lying on her back.

  2. Thanks:)

    It would have been nicer to add more shading to that drawing... I completely forgot that I was supposed to be drawing small, and ran out of time.