Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hand Drawn Animation Task 01

This is my morph animation. I actually struggled to think of objects to do with me that began with the letters of my name, so some of the items are very generic. Nevertheless, it was still fun to do and amazing still when I saw it in motion for the first time. Having seen some others peoples morphs now, mine isn't very elaborate.

If you can't see all the objects (as it does go quite fast) then here is the breakdown.

The morph starts with a stick figure of me... Ethan. This represents my confidence in drawing... No, I'm only joking... I'm much more confident than when I first started this course. Anyway...

The second item is the TARDIS. I'm a fan of Doctor Who.

The third is my House/Home. This is very generic although the roof is shaped like my house.

The forth is an Apple. Another generic item. Although I don't dislike apples, I don't eat apples often either.

And lastly, I like Chinese take away. Although that begins with C . The closest I could get for the letter N was with a pot of Noodles. Although I've never eaten a pot of noodles by itself. I actually like Chicken Chow Mein. That's close enough, I'm sure.

And that spells Ethan.

PS... I've had another idea for my story. I just need to get that storyboarded.


  1. Someone has eaten your noodles!! :)

  2. awesome!!! wish i did something more like that!

  3. Its excellent Ethan, i enjoyed reading your explanation as well.