Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Unit 4 Story Telling

My personal goal for this project is to improve the quality of my blog as it has been noted many times on its thinness. So to start with I've just found a few images to go with my three random story points that came from the (I wont say curious) envelope. And here they are...

Trapeze artist
Swiss army knife

Most of the Cellars I found, appear to be wine cellars, although I know that they can be as boring and empty as this one.

Here is an example of a trapeze artist.

When I first read the trapeze artist out of the envelope, I was thinking of Robin in Batman Forever (1995) Can you believe, I couldn't find an image of Robin from the circus scene.

I can already see some very contrasting elements for my story. A trapeze artist, (bright colours) and in a cellar (a cold, dark and damp atmosphere). And I almost forgot the obvious, Trapeze artist use wide open spaces and that is a feature which cellars lack. I have no Idea where the Swiss army knife comes into all this.

I think this just proves that you can get anything on a Swiss army knife...


  1. Hi Ethan! Glad to see you are getting stuck in straight away! I don't think I would like to try and carry that last knife around in my pocket!!

  2. Good lad, Ethan! I hate nagging - don't make me! :-)