Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Brain Storming

I've already started coming up with some ideas as I don't want to be going around in circles for the first two weeks of the project. I didn't have a concrete idea until two weeks till the deadline for the last project and I don't want a repeat of that.

Anyway, I've never really been that good with story ideas, so I thought it would be a good idea to ask questions to myself about my story starters (trapeze artist, cellar and a Swiss army knife). Simple things like...

Does the Trapeze artist own the Swiss army Knife?
Does " " find the Swiss army knife?
Does " " need to get to the Swiss army knife?

Is the cellar a Wine cellar?
Does it have a low ceiling or High? (Wine cellars tend to be higher)
Is the trapeze artist trapped in the cellar, and needs to get out?
Does the trapeze artist live in the cellar?
Falls in the cellar?
Or drunk in the cellar? (on wine, that is...)

Is the Swiss army knife used as a Weapon or a tool or both?
Does it have any special gadgets, other than what you get on normal ones?

Just looking at these I could see a few possibilities for stories, weather I can tell them in as minute is... well, another story...

So far I've come up with one idea. (of which there will be many more... I hope)
In basic, it goes something like this...

It starts in the wine cellar, with the trapeze artist unscrewing yet another wine bottle with his Swiss army knife. (lots of empty bottles lying around the floor)
After guzzling that down he gets up off the floor (he was on the floor, by the way) walking to the side of the wine rack (very drunk), starts climbing up the side. (with a quick flash you see him thinking he's at the circus climbing a ladder) ... he gets to the top of the wine rack, looks down. (quick flash again back to a circus, seeing the trapeze set up in front of him) he grabs hold of the lamp shade in front of him, swings into the opposite wine rack, "peels" off of that and lands on his Swiss army knife.

I think this is too simple with not much story, but it is the first idea and is bound to change many times.


  1. Well done Ethan - keep it up! Get a few different ideas going and then see which one you think will work best in the minute...Liking this one already though...

  2. I think it would work alot better if he didnt land on the knife, but instead just hit the floor. Have a more comedy based ending. I thought the story was going to be a comedy until the ending.

  3. Yes, I'm not sure about the 'bloody' ending either... I agree, up to that point, it is quite slapsick really. Maybe you can think of a humorous way to end this?

  4. Thanks for the feedback. The only reason I used the knife at the end was because I thought it needed to feature in the story more. And just so you know Jakie, it wasn't going to have a bloody ending as I wasn't intending on showing blood spewing everywhere, but instead show his facial expression.