Monday, 14 December 2009

Pirate Treasure

Ive done the Maya tasks although I realise there are several differences and a few mistakes. (thats what comes from not watching the video tutorials)

Ok, I'm posting this image of the treasure chest but I've noticed some things that look odd. I will actually look and the videos to check that I haven't missed anything and will post an improved image later. Anyway, for some reason the the gold coins in my picture look like they are lit from underneath (this does not notice in the sample image) After investigating I found an area light underneath but I know thats not the reason why it looks the way it does as the intensity is way down low, so I can only assume that the gold shader is not quite right. perhaps I should look at the video tutorials once in a while. The gold doesn't look very bright on top either which is odd for a sunny day.

I also realise that the rivets are missing from the chest and I will add them later.
also the wood is coloured more that the sample image, I thought the scene looked cartoony anyway so i hope that doesn't matter too much.

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