Friday, 11 December 2009

Older stuff I've only just got round to posting...

I'm reviewing the animations we saw on Fridays Maya tutorials.

Kiwi and EX ET are two fun stories which both contain humour and even have their sad moment at the end. Although EX ET had a big twist at the end. The Windmill was more serious. All three contained a problem which needed to be solved (a creative child, a bird that couldn't fly and a village that stopped when the windmill stopped). They all concluded their stories in different ways emotionally. Kiwi had a sad ending although rather funny at the same time. EX ET ended cleverly with the feeling of being satisfied and The Windmill had a definite happy ending. These are three good examples of stories that are simple, simply explained but gripping at the same time. My favorite is Kiwi. The character was enjoyable to watch and the animation was brilliant, with a lot of little details.

Here are some tileable textures I made using the photos provided in lesson.

The beans was an absolute nightmare, both tiling and erasing all the white highlights. its not perfect, and I cant think of what use they would be to anyone... except for maybe a design of a table cloth...

This texture I remember being very difficult. i can see, looking at it now that it has a few rough edges, but is still perfectly tileable.

The brick texture was by far the easiest to tile. Just a few tweaks with the colour, erase a few scratches and aligning the divisions correctly.

Here is the completed Santa Hat using Maya's Fur. The tutorials ware surprisingly straight forward to follow. I have messed around with fur before and have been amazed at how all it requires is pointing, clicking and tweaking.

Here are some textures in Photoshop a while ago without using any photos, just messing around with filters etc.

These are not tileable though.

This wood texture is tileable, although not perfectly.

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