Thursday, 10 December 2009

David Hilliard

Ive been exploring even more
websites. David Hilliard is a photographer who tries to "create order in a sometimes chaotic world". (

All of his images are divided up into separate photos. most are divided into three although my examples are of two and four (just coincidence). The distance between the viewer and the focus of the picture relates to the emotional distance between ch

This image shows two people and a dog in a friendly atmosphere and the view of the camera reflects that. The camera is leaning in just like the characters and makes you feel like part of the scene. This image is a complete contrast to Gregory Crewdson and Edward Hopper
's work where they are quite distant from the subjects.

This image feels lonely as the main focus is the empty chair with the character next to it. The distance from the camera is far away. We feel as lonely as the character in the scene.

In this country and a lot of others, we read from left to right but in other countries, they read from right to left. This tree in this example leads you into the picture but so does the wall but because we read left to right and the fact that it covers a lot of the picture helps us read it in that direction. The tree stretch along the picture amplifies the distance.

I still haven't come up with any specific ideas for a scene but distance can be increased by streaming objects together and framing it in this way might be useful to know.

Three posts in one day thats a world record... for me that is.


  1. Excellent observantion of the wall and tree Ethan.

  2. Three posts in one day? And immediately, your blog is beginning to 'thrum' with energy and ideas - more please! :-)