Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Haunting

I enjoyed 'The Haunting'. My
favorite so far out of all the films we've watched. All the creepiness was created entirely by the noise and camera movements. The repetitive drumming that echoed around the still rooms just gave the sense of being trapped and hunted by the house. (that isn't a spelling mistake for haunted) When I first saw the house, it looked almost exactly like how I imagined the house of usher to look like for my concept art.

Here are the last life drawings for the moment. I don't think that these are the best of my drawings but i hope to continue to improve on my 2D skills as well as 3D.

This was just a quick study of the hand and arm.

These next two we had to use the process of only drawing the negative spaces and then shading in the figure with no outlines of the figure actually drawn except from what was generated with the negative shapes.

This last drawing we were allowed to use any technique or techniques. This is probably the worst of the drawings.
(I admit I was tired and had an aching shoulder)


  1. Hi Ethan, really pleased you enjoyed The Haunting... despite some of the 'talkier' scenes, it manages to be creepy and hugely atmospheric!

  2. Below is a link to a third year blog - James Garner - who is currently working on an adaptation of an HP Lovecraft short story... check it out and spread the link around amongst your classmates - it will make interesting viewing in light of your current project...

  3. Hi Ethan - check out this site for more 'spooksome' establishments!

  4. Hi Ethan,
    the third painting is similiar to how I pisture the House of Usher.... I also get a sense of claustrophobia, like the house is closing in.... somewhat similiar to The Haunting.

  5. Hi Ethan! Just got this from Jonny - have a look at his blog, he has some interesting house images...