Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Final Three

So this is it. The final three.

This is the final picture of the pit. It is a slightly edited version of one of my preparatory images. It has the added detail of damp green slime and dirt between the metal tiles. It is also the most realistic of the three final pictures in my opinion. Due to the camera angle, it is missing some of the other details of the chamber, ie, the pit, but from this view, I think it shows what the character would be seeing as the pendulum moves ever so slowly closer. Where as the others just show a dark room with a few features. I thought it also had the most depth to it as it does show just how tall the room really was.

The two of the house of Usher have a less realistic quality but I think are the best I've done of the house throughout the project.

I decided to have this view because, the text described the windows of being tall eye like, giving the feeling of being watched, so I thought of having the viewer watched over the grounds.

This is by far my favorite of the three. Although simple (again in terms of detail), the trees are what I think make this image creepy but also a combination of the chosen camera angle where you can also see the silent tarn (the patch of water) dividing the land. It is also easier to see that there is a slight fog too.

My pictures really don't show much about the house but of the journey to the house. A very bleak desolate spooky landscape with not much life.
Ive used colour sparingly.

Here are the last of the preparatory paintings for the final three paintings, in order from oldest to newest.

The house of Usher from the front.

I found for me, the easiest way to start a picture is to just paint silhouettes, assigning all the objects a different shade of grey, and then to use them as masks and add the shading. This can be seen in these examples.

The house of Usher from a high window.

Notice with theses two pictures I originally had detailed grass. I decided to take the detailed grass out of the picture because it seemed out of place. The shading and details were all streaky except for the grass. he grass was trying to be too realistic compared to the rest of the picture and was, in my opinion failing as a final piece.

These last images were just a couple of tests before I attempted the final three. I was trying to create a better detailed house but ended up looking more like it was made out of wood.

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  1. I really like the 1st image, that light coming from the bottom really dramatizes the whole scene

    good one Ethan!!