Thursday, 26 November 2009

Completed All Maya Tasks

So here is the completed rendered street. The air conditioner unit is in the street, just very small and barely visible. ( At the very end of the left side of the street. It was barely visible in the HD version of the image... that's how difficult it is to see.)

Final Image

Colour Pass

Occlusion Pass

UV Maps
Fire Hydrant




  1. WoW...nice work are really good with this Maya work. I hope to learn a lot from you. Keep it up ^^

  2. Hi everyone – hope you’re relaxing after your five weeks and crit…

    In preparation for your next unit, I thought it might be useful to introduce you all to a couple of third year students, whose projects are very environment-based (in different ways and with different emphases) and who are in the later stages of their respective projects; I’d like you to follow their progress – so introduce yourselves and don’t be shy!

    Dave Keefe at
    Leanne McGuire at

  3. Also – take a look at the following project blog – a collaboration between 2 third years, Pol Winandy and Jon Stewart; they’re creating an action-packed animated short; their attention to detail is formidable and they’re also working through all the inevitable tensions/complications that come with group working. It’s been a long, intense experience for them both, and, with five weeks to go, they’re moving into an even more pressurised phase. The environment stage is in the offing – so follow their progress and get a real insight into the minutiae of CG and story-telling; meet the future!

  4. Cool :). You didn't put the dalek in

  5. Me again!

    Phil Hosking has just set up a blog - it's early days, but go say hello...

  6. Hi Ethan,

    Great stuff. All looks in order. However, watch your scale...your street lamps look like they are somewhat large in comparison to the rest of the street. Simple mistake...easy fix.

    I hope your looking forward to the next project. I want to see those Maya skills in action on your own work.

    I quite like the idea of a Dalek in this street too! Perhaps a quick render for comedy purposes?