Thursday, 22 October 2009

Nearing the end

Here are the latest Maya tasks

These are the different shaders create


Red Plastic





Glow (with geometry)

Glow2 (Without Geometry)

Here is the Glass and Bottle Scene, with the glass using a Sampler Info node to control reflections. I stupidly forgot to switch refractions on, on the glass shader the first time I rendered, but that was easily fixed.

Here are the Poker Chips. Texturing
was straight forward.

Here is the Detectives Desk Scene. Complete
with ambient occlusion and depth of field. I was surprised at how quick ambient occlusion took to render. Usually it’s the slowest render pass.

Here is my last test portrait. I realized that folding the images around the cubes was difficult to get to look right. So I’m just overlaying the images onto the cubes. My final portrait won’t be blue either.

I have finally finished the essay on portraiture. This I found difficult. Particularly starting, but its done and out the way.

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  1. The Ambient Occlusion is pretty quick render pass if the 'Distance' is set correctly. A common mistake to not measure how far the occlusion should intrude into the scene and edit the setting - instead leaving the value at '0'. This causes Maya to calculate Ambient Occlusion for the whole world instead of a localised space.