Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Three Months Later - and just one Dalek?

I think it's about time I posted something!

OK, so this is a model of a Dalek I've been working on. It's not finished yet, but it's at a fairly complete stage. The design is an exact replica of the original 1963 Dalek, as seen in the first Dalek story, "The Daleks". Of course, those episodes were only in black and white back then, so this colour scheme was only ever seen in a few production photos.

I want to try to create more detailed, and accurate textures so that I can show a higher quality, ungraded render, and still look good before I class it as finished. Also there are a few bits of modelling that need tweaking.

So that was just one sneak peak of what I've been working on, but that is not everything. As some of you may be aware, Atom Pancakes has moved forwards since its inception. We have gained new team members, a new blog, and very soon, an updated logo, which I am currently working on. I have also kept on scripting in MEL, not just for rigging purposes, but also for other aspects of Maya. Of course it's all for nothing if I can't apply it to something creative, so really, working on the logo and its ident has been a breath of fresh air.

Although most recently, I've been doing a lot of testing in Maya as I seem to have come across something incredibly simple, but brilliantly powerful. I was surprised to find little has been written about it so in my next post I shall reveal all!

A Flock of Pixels


  1. Hey Ethan :) Lovely to have you back in the mix - and with a very cute dalek - though not sure daleks can be cute! Your announcement sounds as if it might need a drum roll... my breath is baited! :) Hope all is well with you? I can be hard post-grad to find your mojo, but I hear Atom Pancakes is gearing up for more cg high jinx - and that's great news. Don't disappear, Ethan, okay - stay in the mix!

  2. The intrigue...! :)
    Looking forward to seeing more of your individual stuff, as well as the revamped Atom Pancakes work!