Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Major Project - A bit of Everything

Yep, I'm posting a bit of everything today.
I have been animating all week and as it is requiring 100% of my time and dedication, other areas (like texturing) have come to a halt.

I did however find an opportunity to render one frame from my animation (with temporary textures) and with a lighting setup that I experimented with a week or so ago. No passes or anything fancy like that yet, but I did take it into After Effects to mess around with the colours and even adding some focal blur, although it's completely faked as I didn't have a depth pass to work with, but you get a rough idea of what I'm going for.

I will be lighting the character with separate lights to make sure he is shaded clearly in the final render and splitting foreground and background elements to achieve better focal blur in post. Also might make a backdrop other than just pure white.

Here were some of my earlier lighting tests of the same set that I did a few weeks back.

Now for some animation. I'm well over half way through animating the entire animation. I'm now at a stage where I am tackling some of the toughest scenes, but I have given myself extra time to get these right. That's not to say that what I've done so far was easy… it wasn't. For now though, here is a very small snippet of the animation so far.

The last thing I'm posting is the presentation of the interim crit. Not so much for having new content, but instead just so that the blog isn't missing anything.


A Flock of Pixels


  1. lovely to see that mocked-up render - lovely light, lovely feel. Good stuff, Ethan - you're working hard I know, but keep at it, and keep polishing :)

  2. It's getting exciting now! :) Looking great - I quite like the white background actually...keep going!

  3. Exciting Ethan.

    Note: Possibly a little less on the focal blur.

  4. I'm getting quite excited too!

    I may have slightly over done the focal blur a bit. Probably partly caused by the inaccuracy of the depth image I used, causing the crates right next to him looking almost as blurred as the ones in front of the camera.

    I will be using the focal blur sparingly through the animation, with a select few shots that I think look good with the more extreme focal blur. It's partly a stylistic choice too, based on the the 'lost-ness' theme of the piece.

    Thanks for all the feedback!