Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Work Experience - Day 3

It has been a bit of a shaky start to the first project. Yesterday I had one of those mental block things, which pretty much messed up the whole day! I guess I just didn't get what I was doing or I was over thinking. I did sort of, kind of, accidentally, in a way, miss the first deadline! (Oh dear!)

But today has gone much better. Although I can't divulge the specifics of the project, I can say that it involves creating abstract content of a particular style and within Maya and it is very different from the sort of projects that I've done I've the past.

I wish I could tell you more! Actually I don't yet know what I am allowed to say, but I know I can't post any images of what I'm creating.

I'm sure more will be posted later on.

A Flock of Pixels


  1. Don't beat yourself up, Ethan - it's a big switch from cosy, tutored project briefs to client-facing ones. You'll be fine and pretty soon I predict you'll be enjoying yourself too.

  2. yes, stop doubting yourself - what you produced yesterday was great, and I'm sure Pete will be happy with it! :)