Friday, 18 March 2011

Transcription - Creating Digital Sets

The last couple of days I have been doing some set modelling.
I have two sets to show.

The first is the Ghost Train.

The skeleton graphics weren't done by me. Not the originals anyway. I found some photos of a Ghost Train that I had taken a while back, and borrowed them, but edited them to fit my 'bear' Ghost Train. This was my an attempt at converting the human skeleton faces to bear skeleton faces.

Yeah, I know, not brilliant, but not bad.
Anyway, that's the Ghost Train.

The other set is the River Splash, which is luckily just a wall and a sign, so it didn't take as long as the Ghost Train.

Animation wise, I've decided that I will organise all the shots into some sort of priority, so that those that require the most attention will be done first, so that I can get them done, knowing that the rest of the shots shouldn't be as difficult, so if I need to compromise anything, it won't be the most important shots.
Of course everything is important though!
This way I am making sure that I can hit the deadline, without sacrificing all the animation.

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