Friday, 4 February 2011

Transcription - More Ideas

Hey everyone reading. You know sometimes while brainstorming you just can't think of anything, then a few days pass and suddenly an idea will just pop into existence. Well I just listened to the song that I am transcribing for probably the millionth time and this idea just came to me.

If you haven't listened to the song, you can hear it in the previous post.

OK. For starters, lets presume I'm sticking with the bear as the character that is in love.
This bear has this car. A car that he loves so much.
Unfortunately, the car was involved in some sort of crash and is probably better off as scrap metal.
Nevertheless, this bear is determined to fix his car and get it looking good as new.
The film begins with him and his car that is in disrepair.
We see him going through all the trials and tribulations of fixing his car.
Several attempts are made at starting the car as well.

Then when he really thinks it is all finished and ready for the final test, he has now gone and lost the key.

He then goes through this process of retracing his steps, trying to remember where he left the key. He ends up falling asleep. (so much hard work!)

He wakes up, having remembered that it was in his pocket, or something like that.

Rushes to the car, and checks everything else is all ready to go.

He turns the key in the ignition. It's not working, so he keeps re turning the key.

The car starts up. Hurray... except it zooms off in reverse and crashes! (off camera)

The end

In effect, you could watch this all over again as he is right back where he started... with a broken car!

In terms of transcribing the song, I think this idea fits better than the last.

I was also thinking that in the lyrics, I could take some of the words more sarcastically. E.g. "how can it be that we can say so much without words" And we see him trying to fix the car by understanding the cars problem, but nothing is working.
Then, "bless the bees and the birds", birds could be dropping thier mess all over the car, while the bees are buzzing around the other character. (ok, this is just me thinking off the top of my head now, but you get the idea anyway) Perhaps in this universe the bears car runs on honey!

So... any thoughts on this idea? Please leave a comment.


  1. Hey Ethan - get this story into a 3 act structure - be specific and resolve all the structural problems (i.e. what is happening exactly) and then we'll be better able to finesse the story. I think the premise is promising - though I'll be honest and say you're probably hung up on the bear - though, in truth, a bear in love with his car could be cute - but there isn't anything truly inevitable about that relationship (i.e. a bear and a car). Could be a strength. Might be a weakness. Get it into a story structure. Let's chat then.

  2. will do.

    Yeah. I mean at this stage, it is only a basic premise. In theory, the bear could be replaced with any character that has two hands and feet. It could just be a human character in the end.

    What I'll do is break it down into it's individual parts and somehow present it with the lyrics next to it so you can follow it better.