Monday, 31 January 2011

Transcription - Stuff

Transcription begins and I know now that I definitely want to transcribe a piece of music. However I have decided that I don't want to do a marathon lip sync, as I'd much rather create a character, where I can just use expressions to convey emotion and tell a story. So the solution is to find some music that has a lot of varying moods or stages, transitions etc. I would like to design one, possibly two animal characters and focus on them and the animation. For environments, I've already thought about how to achieve them simply, by using key props that represent an environment. Eg a kerb with a lamp post would represent a street, a park bench would represent a park. It would either be in a white or black environment... although in saying that, depending on the music, the colour of the background could alternate on the mood.

So I have quite a few ideas, but no music to transcribe into a story.

For someone who doesn't read novels or listen to music, it is kind of difficult to know where to start, so I am totally relying on what people suggest. I've listened to some of my dads CDs, and had a few suggestions elsewhere. I'll report when I decide on something... According to my timetable, I'm supposed to have a finished storyboard by the end of the week! I'll be lucky!

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