Monday, 24 January 2011

Film Reviews - Tremors

Tremors (1990) was directed by Ron Underwood. It is a comedy, horror film. The film is set in a small desert town and begins with these mysterious tremors deep underground. The cause is thought to be due to seismic activity, but later is revealed to be caused by giant creatures that feast on any living thing. Besides the giant slug like creatures, the stars of the film are Kevin Bacon, and Fred Ward, who played Val and Earl, a couple of local handymen, who get caught up in a life or death situation.

It has the look and feel of a 50s B movie with a modern edge and a bit of humour. The film was made on a low budget, so they made sure the viewer never really sees much of the creatures by having them move underground, and only pop up to attack, so this adds to the suspense when the creatures are waiting underground. The lack of CG adds to the appeal, even more so, because it is like a 50s B movie. However the humour is not because of its 50s style, but is because it is a comedy as much it is a horror.

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