Friday, 31 December 2010

Narrative - Character Pose Sneak Preview

I haven't posted anything in ages!

Well, over the past few weeks I have been skinning characters for the narrative project. It seems like everyday we have to re schedule because we cant keep up with a days work. Anyway, we are now at a stage where we have seven rigs, and I have just merged some of them with the skinned spaceman. I posed him, sitting down taking a rest while adjusting his battery pack thingy.

As soon as all the characters rigs are combined with the skinned files, I will post some videos on everything working.
Ruben is busy with creating the environments while Shahbir will be doing the characters facial rigging (excluding spaceman), while I will begin preparing and organising stuff for animation, and then animating.

Right now I am combining the rigs with the skin on all the characters. This is getting very monotonous, with all the joints that need parenting.
Here's another character.


  1. Hi Ethan! Happy new year to you! These characters are looking great...I hope everything is going to plan in the world of B3D! How about your transcription - have you had a chance to have a think about that yet?

  2. not really. been so busy with this project, but I still need to also catch up with maya tutorials... like the car. Got about 5 weeks or car to catch up with. If any time is spent on anything other than the narrative project, it will be in the maya tutorials. Transcription is just going to have to wait, at least until we come back after the holidays.