Thursday, 16 December 2010

Film Review - The Mist (2007)

The Mist was directed by Frank Darabont and is an adaptation of Stephen King's short novel, 'The Mist', which appeared in the book 'Skeleton Crew'. It is about a mysterious mist that spreads over a town. It is unknown how wide spread the mist is, as it could cover the whole world. When watching the film, it effectively manages to deliver the feeling of claustrophobia and suspense. However the mist is not the main thing to be concerned about as unknown creatures lurk in the mist too.

A large group of people were in a general store, getting supplies, after there had been a storm the previous night, when the mist descended over the town. A guy runs into the shop, shouting that there is something in the mist, taking people. After barricading themselves in, a series of attacks by the creatures followed. But an equal threat remained on the inside, in the form of an extreme, religious woman, who was scaring people into converting to her ideas, getting people to believe that it was Gods doing, and that they needed to sacrifice people to the mist.
So the people that weren't scared into that, had to be wary not only of what was outside, but what was going on inside.

The film was apparently done on a reasonably low budget, however it doesn't have any effect on the quality of the film. The mist kind of lends itself to low budget films as it can hide and disguise things would normally need to have money spent on, but it works for the film.

Now the ending I didn't like. I never like ending where they don't explain everything. I also don't like endings where the good guys end up shooting themselves. I enjoyed the rest of the film though.

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  1. didn't like the ending of this film either. I've seen it before but it being on a large screen made a big difference.

    This morning when I asked for help on sorting out my character head model, what exactly did you do again? More so of where do I find the options to mirror it etc?