Saturday, 6 November 2010

Character Design - Update

Just a small update. I had a spare moment the other day and did a few quick sketches.

I drew another version of the villain, based on advice in the previous lesson. I also did a silhouette test.

If you can't read the notes on the drawing, they basically point out a few things:
In the silhouette, I think you need to see a bit of the wrist in the left hand. (right in the picture)
The head is kind of obscured by the thick hair, although the hair has more shape than previously, the head still needs more definition. Overall, I think the shape is an improvement over the previous one. Note that the dress has some of it's edges torn. This is supposed to look kind of like a snakes tongue, where it splits in two.

I seem to spend more time trying to draw correct proportions of a human than actually drawing the hero. It was suggested that I draw a wooden mannequin, but I took that very literally.

That was the best pose I could get from it. The springs refused to hold it any other way.

Since my sidekick is supposed to be old, I've now been drawing him hunched over. It has taken several attempts to get the right shape. At first his shoulders kept coming out crooked. I then realised one thing I was doing wrong. The closer shoulder needed to be drawn slightly bigger, but still parallel to the other shoulder. I realised this when looking at an image, of a similar creature. (I didn't save the image though)

Well that's it for now. I'll be modeling the head of the CG character for the Maya tutorials today.

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