Sunday, 14 November 2010

Character Design - Colours

The other day I thought I'd chose some colours for my characters. I've only just realised that up until now I have never had to really think about colour much in any of the projects so far. Looking back they're either in black and white (or as good as) or their natural colours. Well it's certainly the first for characters anyway.

I painted some splodges to start off with.

Hero Colours


Sidekick Colours


Villain Colours

I was initially stuck on what colours to use so I looked at some of Disney's Hercules characters for some inspiration.

When I was choosing the colours I didn't have any good drawn sketches handy at the time. So with just a mouse I painted a few quick splodges in the approximate shape of each character to get a very rough idea of what my characters could look like in colour.
I've shrunk the images down to a thumbnail as you don't really gain anything from looking at giant splodges close up.

The thought behind these colours are that the hero is the main character and I wanted him to stand out with some bold colours. He has a gold coloured chest plate, red cape, blue body suit, gold coloured helmet and boots. The red lines (if you look in a previous sketch of the hero) are the lines that are running all through the different parts of the suit, which are a continuation of the lines in the sandal inspired boots.

The sidekick has more natural colours. However he wears the same gold coloured chest plate (without the red lines) although his gold colour is not quite as vivid as it is old. Lost it's shine a bit.

The villain has a combination of colours which I think look kind of murky, especially with the hint of green. Perhaps the colours could be darker though.

I did try adding a metal (grey) colour to make it more spacey but it just made everything else look dull.


Lastly, the other day I had a go at exploring the villains face in more detail. I experinmeted with eye shapes, how the hair/tentacles is attached to the head, mouth shapes, exactly how much hair there is.

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