Friday, 1 October 2010

Ed Wood

Ed Wood (1924-1978) was a film maker. He done a bit of everything in his films, from directing, producing and even acting.

He was very enthusiastic but lacked both skill and money. For that reason he always had to resort to making cheap movies. Because of this he also couldn't spend much money on good actors. The other alternative was to get an old famous actor to get people interested in his films. The most famous actor to have stared in any of his films was Bela Lugosi.

His films ranged from cheap sci fi to drama and horror.


We were shown a biographical film about Ed Wood named Ed Wood (1994) by Tim Burton.

Th film followed some of Eds attempts to create a decent movie.

The ones featured were:

Glen or Glenda (1953) originally going to be named I Changed My Sex

Bride of the Monster (1955) originally to be named Bride of the Atom

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1956) originally to be named Grave Robbers from outer Space

I found it an interesting, if a bit of a long film. It had it's humorous moments. I think that for the film, the acting and effects were purposely made just slightly over the top. The attacking octopus scene was done badly as it is, but for the film, I'm sure that they made it just that little bit more ridiculous. Not necessarily to make fun of Ed, as it's all kept light hearted. I think the reason why it is kept like this is because of Ed's enthusiasm. He never gave up film making and always saw the the positive side of things.
Real Ed Wood

Johnny Depp as Ed Wood

It was believed that his film were no good because his ideas were bad and his budget was almost non existent. that may have been because his ideas were bad. But that didn't dampen his spirits. In fact it had quite the opposite effect. He was happy as a film maker while it lasted.

After he died he became know as the "Worst Film Maker of All Time", and one an award for it.

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