Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bad Kids go to Hell

Didn't quite get a review out before Matthew Spradlin arrived, but never mind. Spradlin is a script writer, but has also now done this comic.

I myself am not a fan of comics in general. I'll be honest and say that I can't follow the text correctly, but that's not really the main reason for my dislike of comics. It's more that I find the text uninteresting, if you were to compare it to a novel, and the pictures, although well drawn and presented, I think of a comic as an unfinished animation combined with text that only consists of a conversation. If I want to read a story, I want to read a book with description etc, where as if I want to see a story, I'd prefer it as an animation or a film. For me a comic is a terrible compromise between the two. Comics are less imaginative for the reader as the images are there in front of you, but I think that's enough of me saying how much I don't like comics.

So I wasn't really looking forward to reading a comic, but in saying that, as comics go, it wasn't as bad as I thought I would finds it. I would definitely like to see it as an animation. The comic was about a group of teenagers serving detention in a library. The library was built over the top of a native Americans land/home. He was Rainwater, and was supposed to haunt the library.

Basically Almost everyone dies and right at the end except for the last guy, who is framed to be the one behind the deaths. At least that's what I think anyway.

The comic did seem to be set out like it would be seen in a film. It starts of with construction working with their diggers, listening to music. Then it cuts to a different scene and all these little separate scenes weren't really given any setting, much like the beginning of a film, where as a book tends to set everything that's going on with description. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is really to be decided by someone who reads comics. For all I know that's what they're all like.

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