Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Production Phase

Hello. I can now say that I'm well into the production phase. So the last week or so I spent a lot of time (probably too much) tweaking the whirl pool effect. I actually improved on it so much that I've decided on using it in the final film. I've started on a few other scenes as well.

This is a still from one of those scenes. It's not finished yet, but getting there.

You might notice that I have modelled a new boat. It's similar in shape, but is much smoother. It has extra details like doors with handles, a rudder and propeller. I spent quite alot of time trying to find blueprints or the sort of boat that I wanted, but found nothing. So it was based on a variety of images of boats that I found on the interent. I was intending on doing a front and side view of the boat myself but accidentally used the whole page when drawing this.

I ended up just modeling free hand, using this drawing as further reference.

This is the model after it's been smoothed a few times, so it's looking a little dense in some areas.

I haven't started the making of yet, but then I haven't finished the film. So I will work on that afterwards. I've just seen that the due date has been extended as well, so that hopefully will allow enough time to finish everything.

Does anyone know what time to come in on the first day Monday 20th. Or even more usefull... a timetable...

I'm probably going to get on with making this film now, so expect shorter and fewer posts for now.


  1. Ah yes, a timetable! I am waiting for that too! I went in and spoke to Jackie Andrew last week, and it hadn't been finalised at that point, but... hopefully soon!

  2. Hey Ethan - as soon as there is a finalised timetable (believe me, the romm booking wrangling behind the scenes is just MAD this year...), I'll get the salient info out to all concerned... your film is looking very promising, by the way...

  3. Hello! Hope all is still going to plan - make sure you leave enough time to get the book published and back to you! It might be worth checking with the companies as to their turn-around time...

  4. PS... companies to try -