Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lost in La mancha

Lost in La mancha is a documentary on how Director Terry Gilliam failed to make a film. The film he wanted to make was entitled "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" based on the novel "Don Quixote de la Mancha".

Is that rain I see?

We watched this documentary, and saw how a series of unfortunate events lead to the ending of the film before it had begun. To put simplely the directors idea for the film was so ambitious, that it was simply to big a project for the budget. From what I can gather he made a few wrong choices, it terms of where to cut costs. Such as the actors being paid less than usual. Which meant getting the actors together to shoot was difficult. Admittedly there was some element of bad luck, during the making of the film. Like the location for one of the scenes was completely wrecked when rain darkened the colour of the sand… and washed away half of the equipment and props. But then there were other things that went properly considered when choosing locations to film, such as the noise around them. The team knew that aeroplane would be flying around every so often. I suppose what really ended the making of the film was the lead actor had become unfit to play the part of Don Quixote, which put things on hold. Perhaps the film could have been made if realistic choices were made when things weren't working. I think the main thing to take away from this as a CG artist is to know your limits and plan everything.

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