Friday, 24 September 2010

A Long Days Work

Its been a very productive day. We had organised to have a meeting in a room. Other students wanting to enter the room we borrowed, would have been confronted with this message.

And during this meeting we were discussing story ideas. And here are some photos of us discussing those ideas.

There was one point where someone (can't remember who) said that our story was sounding a bit like Predator. Its a film I've never seen, but they said something about a heat sensing device to locate the invisible creatures. So I replied by saying, "hey its set in the year 2000. Which basically means we can have any invention or device we like. So instead of a heat seeking divice, why not a errr....... ummm.... a Refraction Anomaly Detector." Problem solved.
More on this meeting on the group blog. Including the complete basic story.

To finish off I was doing a bit of research, trying to find images of what the future was imagined like in the 50s/60s. The reason being is that our film is set in the future... in the year 2000. So obviously I'm not looking at what things were like in the year 2000, but just finding general images of what the future was thought to be like.

We should all recognise this picture.

No doubt there will be more research later on.

And maybe some drawings or concept art to follow.

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  1. The heat seeking device in Predator was actually built into the armour of the alien which also has a cloaking device built into it, the 50's sci-fi look reminds me of The Jetsons or Forbidden PLanet (check out images of The Great Machine) actually a list of classic sci-fi follows:

    Dan Dare
    Buck Rogers
    Flash Gordon
    Lost in Space
    Logans Run
    Barbarella (Jane Fonda)

    Of course there are loads more to list, also some of the drawings of Mega City one in Judge Dredd are just too gorgeous to ignore.