Thursday, 23 September 2010

Character Design

So the other day was the character design lesson. Random types of characters were generated by drawing ordinary playing cards. I drew a ghostly gangster, an aquatic clown and a cyborg cop.

The only catch is that although I drew them I didn't actually draw them. Well I attempted to scribble something but I struggled to picture the characters in my head. In the end I think one of the difficulties was that I was given an abstract character with no visual prompts to help visualise it. The other difficulty was that I couldn't logically think of a way to combine these separate elements to make sense. They were more like misfits. Some useful advice was to pick out similarities like in the case of the aquatic clown, I started to draw a face like this.

At the time I didn't realise the similarity in the mouth that I had drawn to a fishes mouth.

So I think visual research is going to be the way forward in future.

So in regards to the actual brief, I've been given two themes. Mythical and Space Opera. So what we have to produce is a character bible which contains a synopsis of the show and drawings of 3 characters. The good guy, the bad guy and the sidekick. in all sorts of poses camera angles and expressions. So in order to not mess up I am going to be doing a lot of visual research on mythical creature stories and space themed stuff.

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