Monday, 27 September 2010

Character Design - The beginning

So this is the first real post on the character design project. My two themes are mythical and space opera. This is really just a post to show my first ideas for the project.

So to start with, I've been focusing my thoughts on greek myth and basically setting it in space. Although I'm not actually going to follow any of the stories directly or copy any of the characters, I am going to take some of the basic concepts from the mythical creatures and generally get a mythical theme across in the designs.

So far what I've done is only on what I know of however I have also looked at this website, as well as others. Although I think books might be more useful on this topic.

So the hero is going to be human. Your typical hero really.

For the villain, I was thinking of basing it on one of the greek mythical creatures. Quite a few of them are half animal and half human, but in my case I would like the villain to be an alien so replace human with humanoid. I was also thinking that the villain could be like the hydra creature. The hydra has the ability to grow two heads for every one that is chopped off. Sounds like an invincible powerful creature. Like most villains.

Then the sidekick, I was thinking of being an oracle of sorts. Someone how perhaps uses riddles to aid the hero on his quest.

So those were just some on the spot decisions, that I can use as my starting point.

To go with this I've also come up with an initial synopsis for the show.

The villain creates monsters (like mythical creatures) in each show. One monster per show.

The heros overall quest is to put an end to the villains monster making, but in each episode, he's just got to defeat the monster.

The sidekick always has the answer, but it's in the form of a riddle.

That's the first idea.

I've got some books out of the library to do with myths etc.
Myths and Legends - D Bellingham - C Wittaker - J Grant
Greek Mythology - J Pinsent
The Gods of Greece - A Stassinopoulos - R Beny
Mythology. An Illustrated Encyclopedia - edited by R Cavendish

Environment wise, this is being set in space, so initially I am thinking of having floating countries in space. something that has probably come from a recent episode of Doctor Who, but chances are they have borrowed it from somewhere else.

And thats it. At the very least, its a starting point for, hopefully, further ideas to develop.

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