Thursday, 13 May 2010

Texture Style Tests

Yesterday I was experimenting with painting textures in photoshop. Trying to be similar to my concept art style. Anyway, these are the results. I'm not exactly pleased with the results despite all the adjusting that the textures went through. The renders just look dull and CG. Perhaps the textures are too pale and the contrast needs to be brought up a bit. A second opinion would be helpful.

Oh and the blobs won't look like plain old spheres

Here I've put the blob shader on the test animation shown at pre vis. This doesn't look to bad but then I did adjust the contrast in after effects. The original render came out pale as before.

These are the textures used. They aren't tileable though. These tests are all about colour and overall appearence.

The blob texture

The floor texture (twig)

The background texture

Phil. Does the new animatic get your aproval?