Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Final StoryBoard

Here is my final story board.

There has only been one main change from the rough storyboards. If you look at the part where the slime molds are all fruiting (from board number 25), This shows the camera pivoted on the spot, rotating and showing the landscape, with a fruiting body that grows right in front of the camera. This was originally going to be shown with the camera zooming past the fruiting bodies, but I decided to change this because the previous shot shows the camera coming up in the same direction (board number 19). I could have just continued that shot into the next seamlessly but I wanted a pause. That way I could show this buildup, where one blob starts to fruit... then another... and another and another and so on (between boards 20 to 24). I think that the next shot (25) seemed to fit better than the older shot where the camera was zooming past. The only downside I can see with this is that the zooming shot was supposed to reflect back to one of the previous shots where the camera is zooming past the trees (board number 3).

If any of this is making sense, I'd like peoples thoughts on this.


  1. Hi Ethan - I have also text you, but thought I would write here too...
    today's pitches went off well, with some very slick Powerpoint presentations, featuring a good selection of pre-viz, animatics, concept art etc. Hope Group B match up as well ! (No pressure ! :) See you tomorrow.

  2. Hey Ethan - here's the link to Dave Keefe's blog as we were discussing earlier today...

    I strongly encourage you to be bold and do some serious research and development stuff around creating that 'drawing world' of yours... be bold - and be different! :-)